Checkout the samples from all kinds of music and media that I’ve created or helped create while on staff at my church.

Music Demos:
Traditional and Contemporary

I love traditional hymn-based worship, modern praise and worship with full band, and blends and hybrids of all kinds.

Recordings for church

A variety of styles here for various occasions. All arranged, recorded and produced by Aaron VanValkenburg.

Advent Music 2019

In the Fall of 2019 our choir and soloists recorded several “singles” and released them weekly during the Advent season. We first performed them on Sunday then put them out on social media that afternoon. I love working on recording projects with musicians.
And as always, I created the videos in Adobe Premiere Pro and the graphics for the videos in Adobe Photoshop.

Instrumental music
and Misc.

Good Friday video – produced by Aaron VanValkenburg. Video motion backgrounds taken from Nucleus Media and then combined as part of the production process. All music is 100% original and was recorded and played by Aaron VanValkenburg.

What Child Is This – orchestral instrumental arranged and played and recorded by Aaron VanValkenburg.

Awaken promo – promotion video for a revival service with Dr. David Busic.

Isaiah 40 video – Video motion backgrounds from Nucleus Media. Music 100% original; recorded and played by Aaron VanValkenburg.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You – 160+ voices in this virtual choir for MVNU Collegians Chorale & Alumni. Video and audio production by Aaron VanValkenburg.

Fum Fum Fum – Recording with MVNU Collegians Chorale. Video and audio production by Aaron VanValkenburg.

Graphics and visual media

A combination of graphics for sermon series, announcements, livestream thumbnails, etc.
All graphics created in Adobe Photoshop by Aaron VanValkenburg.