History of Christian Music in Church and Culture: 1950-1999

All of our resources in one place! Updated periodically.

Session 1: 1950s era

Christian music in the age of an emerging rock n roll.

Session 2: 1960s gospel music

Gospel music and church music of the 1960s

Session 3: Christian rock begins

The earliest “Jesus rock” from 1965-1972.

Session 4: 1970s Christian rock – part 1

Most of the biggest names in Christian rock in the 1970s.

Session 5: Christian pop/rock & Maranatha praise music

Randy Matthews, Barry McGuire, Evie, Amy Grant, The Archers, Love Song, Don Francisco, Dallas Holm, Chuck Girard, Maranatha Singers, and more!

Session 6: 1970s Gospel and praise music

Gaithers, Imperials, Andraé Crouch, Rev. James Cleveland and more!.

Session 7: 1980s pop-rock & Adult Contemporary

Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Sandy Patty, Larnelle Harris, Rich Mullins, David Meece & more!

Session 8: 1980s mainstream, gospel, and praise music

Twila Paris, Imperials, Russ Taff, Keith Green, Gaither Vocal Band, praise music and more!

Session 9: 1980s rock

Petra, Styper, Carman, Mylon & Broken Heart, Phil Keaggy, Steve Taylor, The 77s, Daniel Amos, DeGarmo & Key, The Newsboys, The Altar Boys, Bride, Mark Heard, Rez Band, King’s X, White Heart, Whitecross.